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Inorganic carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is colorless and odorless gas, acid, soluble in water (v 1:1), generate carbonic acid. Gas carbon dioxide for the soda industry, sugar industry, and for quenching of steel castings and the manufacture of white lead. Can consist of carbon burned in excess air or marble, limestone, dolomite or calcined acid, is a byproduct of lime and fermentation industry. Do not burn or support combustion of carbon dioxide at room temperature slightly larger density than air, and will also gather expands to the top, often used as an extinguishing agent. Carbon dioxide is essential to photosynthesis in green plants, raw materials, carbon dioxide as a fertilizer commonly used in greenhouses. Solid carbon dioxide is commonly called dry ice, sublimation can absorb a lot of heat, and as refrigerants, such as artificial rain, often used to produce smoke in the choreography.

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