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Synthesis of gold nanoparticles

There are many subtypes of gold nanoparticles based on the size, shape, and physical properties (Figure 2). The earliest studied gold nanoparticles are gold nanospheres (although not exactly spherical in a strict sense). Subsequently, nanorods, nanoshells, and nanocages have all been reported. Another type of gold-based nanoparticles, with excellent surface-enhanced Raman scattering properties (termed “SERS nanoparticles”), will also be discussed in this review. In the following text, the term “gold nanoparticle(s)” will refer to a collection of all these subtypes and the subtype of gold nanoparticles used in each study will be specified whenever possible. With continued development in the synthesis techniques over the last two decades, most of these gold nanoparticles can now be produced with well-controlled size distribution, sometimes with stunning precision (eg, nanocages).

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