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Synthesis of silver nanoparticlesIrradiation methods

Silver NPs can be synthesized by using a variety of irradiation methods. Laser irradiation of an aqueous solution of silver salt and surfactant can produce silver NPs with a well defined shape and size distribution (53). Furthermore, laser was used in a photo-sensitization synthetic method of making silver NPs using benzophenone. At short irradiation times, low laser powers produced silver NPs of about 20 nm, while an increased irradiation power produced NPs of about 5 nm. Laser and mercury lamp can be used as light sources for production of silver NPs (54). In visible light irradiation studies, photo-sensitized growth of silver NPs using thiophene (sensitizing dye) and silver nanoparticle formation by illumination of Ag(NH3)+ in ethanol has been done (55,56).

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